About Us

How did we meet?

Once upon a time (3.5 years to be exact), in a magical town called New York City, a boy and a girl were employed at the same advertising agency. One day the girl, Elizabeth, realized how much she missed playing cards so she put a posting on the agency’s intranet page looking for a poker game.

Within minutes a response was posted, “Put a guy like me in a weak game like that, the cards themselves hardly matter. A fish acts strong, he’s bluffing; acts meek, he’s got a hand.” It was a quote from the movie Rounders. Who posted this? Elizabeth thought to herself. And then she noticed it was a boy named Kevin Hanna. Before she had the chance to respond to the post, and email popped up in her inbox, “The guys over at CDMi have a monthly poker game, you should totally come!”

Fast forward 6 months. At this point, Elizabeth and Kevin had exchanged hundreds of emails, but still hadn’t met. Elizabeth even attended the CDMi poker tournament (where she won first place) but Kevin had a client emergency and couldn’t attend.

It was July 14th, a Monday night, and Elizabeth thought it would be a perfect day for a drink in Bryant Park. On a whim, she called Kevin’s office line, “Hey, it’s completely ridiculous that we haven’t met yet, any chance you are free for a drink after work?” asked Elizabeth. “Sure! I would love to!” exclaimed Kevin. And they decided to meet at 6:30 for a friendly drink in the park.

It was 6:30 and Elizabeth was waiting. Kevin called her to give the heads up that he was running late, but would be there by 7. Kevin called Elizabeth around 7:15 and said that he was in the park—they stayed on the phone until they could spot each other in the sea of people.

Finally they found each other. As soon as they locked eyes there was an instant connection—a connection that neither one of them was expecting. Once they were seated at the Bryant Park Grill, Elizabeth excused herself to go to the “bathroom.” As soon as she was far enough away from where they were seated, she called her friend Kawan to download her on what was happening. “Kawan! Ohmigod he is so cute! There is no way that I can eat in front of him! He is seriously the hottest guy I have ever met and I am not ready for this!” “Calm down, you are going to be fine!” said Kawan. “Just be yourself and have fun. You are going to be great! If you need anything, call me. But for now, go have fun!”

Elizabeth returned to the table and Kevin had suggested that they order a drink. “A drink sounds perfect” said Elizabeth with a smile on her face. So they drank wine, enjoyed a tuna melt and a caprese salad and they talked. And talked. And talked. They talked about life, cats, family, where they were from, and what they were passionate about. They also discussed that Kevin prefers KJ, and how Elizabeth hates being called ‘Liz’. Before they knew it, the restaurant staff was flipping the chairs on the tables preparing for close. The nice waiter came to they table to inform them that the restaurant was closing.

“Well this was a nice surprise” said KJ. “Yeah, I had an amazing time” said Elizabeth. “We should definitely do this again.” The hugged, and went their separate ways.

So they met again, and again, and again. Within 2 weeks they declared their love for each other and knew that they were meant to be. Within in 3 months they were living together and were having the time of their lives. And almost 3 years later, with a beautiful Cancun sunset as the backdrop, KJ got down on one knee and nervously asked Elizabeth to be his wife. She said yes, and they are continuing to live happily ever after together in Brooklyn.